HBO GO: Stream with TV Package App Reviews

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One month free

I was charged for a month & didn’t get my first month free

Always logs you out...

And now won’t let me log back in with my Apple TV. This is seriously f***ing annoying, HBO.


I had hbo now which I canceled because Someone told me this one is better my question is if HBO have audio in Spanish on channels why not in the app will be nice to have both audio English or Spanish like STARZ app has.

Does not work correctly with iPhone X

Update: April 1, 2018. Your pillar boxes and letter boxes are now grey. Please change them back to Black. 2017 Review: Updating my previous 1 star review to 3. Thank you for updating for iPhone X. Much better integration. The app still has a ways to go to be on par with Netflix and YouTube apps. Would like to see double tap to go forward/back like YouTube. Better management of shows in progress etc. Still crashes more often than other streaming apps. Getting really close though.

Every time ask me to login

Stupid. Spending 30min every time want to watch something to figure out how to login and activate. Why this is not staying on? Simplest thing.

The only app that constantly won’t load

I am constantly getting “there is an error. Please try again later” messages from this app - but it doesn’t tell you what the error is, so you have no way of knowing how to fix it! Meanwhile, every other streaming app on my Apple TV is working just fine, so I know it’s not a connection or Apple issue. This is the most expensive subscription I have and the only one that is constantly giving me problems when trying to use it. I am getting fed up with the BS. For this price, I should be able to use it flawlessly whenever the hell I want without cryptic error messages and jumping through hoops and crappy “troubleshooting” tips that don’t actually work.

Worked, till it didn’t.

It worked for awhile. But some update logged me out and now it won’t allow me to choose a TV provider. When I hit the button to choose a provider, it just sends me back to the last screen.

Terrible Functionality

Top ten worst user experiences, horrible Chromecast functionality,...this could be a long list of issues. I’ll spare you. Developer: Your response does not address the numerous user experience issues with the ‘mobile app’ as a whole.

Grey sides in iPhone X

When watching something on the iPhone X the sides don’t go to full black but rather stay the off black color of the app interface. Would be nice for the sides to dip to complete black taking advantage of yeh OLED properties.

Can’t use.

Overpriced Spectrum with an HBO subscription prevents you from using this.

Love HBO, despise the app

Believe all the bad reviews, this is one of the worst video apps in the App Store. Its a PITA to log in and you cant download movies to watch offline. HBO, take a look at Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for examples of what a good app looks like.

Horrible App

HBO is my go to when i wanna watch something but their app is horrible it logs you out only to make u take years to log back in and then if u ever get in and watch something u have to find everything manually even previously watched shows come on HBO i just wanna see Scott pilgrim and sopranos lol


I had hbo now which I canceled because I a friend told me this one is better my question does HBO have audio in Spanish on the channel why they don’t give the choice audio English or Spanish like STARZ does

Stopped working

I’ve used this for years on my iPad to watch while cooking but now I can’t play any videos even though I seem to be logged in. “Video error: The operation could not be completed.” I quit the app several times, restarted the iPad, etc.

No offline content!!

We all weren’t grandfathered into unlimited data so our cellular data is precious. Get with the program like showtime, Netflix, Amazon, STARZ and allow download of shows and movies for those riding public transportation 3 hours a day. That would be a lifesaver.

Wont let me log in with Verizon account.

The option to sign in with my Verizon account doesnt even show up.

Stop making me sign in every freaking week

Are you guys afraid someone is going to hack into my account our something? What security increase is there in signing me out all the time. My iPad never leaves the house and I just want to sit down and play tv, not remember the obscure password I have for this stupid app. Update because of request from developer: There are no more details I have to provide other than I have to resign into the app every week or so. It’s frustrating to find my list of passwords every time when no other entertainment app requires me to do so.

HBO GO: the app for people who love authenticating their cable account

If you enjoy looking up your cable tv login and going through a seven step process to authenticate your account at least once a week, this is the app for you! Plus, this app features weirdly juddery versions of a couple dozen movies and your favorite prestige tv shows. Maybe when Game of Thrones is over there will still be a reason for this to exist, but I doubt it.

Can’t Switch Accounts

I was logged into a cable account that has since been disabled. When I tried to log into the new account, the “choose provider” button returned me to the homepage. I can no longer use the app.

Never keeps my identity

The app is terrible. You need to login every time you use it. I’m not everyday watcher and that adds to frustration. Fix it. You know my info, it’s the same phone and the same app.

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