HBO GO: Stream with TV Package App Reviews

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Verizon Fios Issues

Once a month or so, the app logs me out and proceeds to tell me that my cable provider (fios) no longer exists, making it so I can’t log in. This usually lasts for a few days before it allows me to login with Verizon again. Otherwise a good app, but this infuriating glitch really makes me want to punch a wall.


Black screen on launch

Worst streaming app out there

Hire someone from Netflix so they can show you how its done properly


I like that everything on HBO is here, but it’s always a 50/50 gamble that it will run. And when I resume after a day, it bumps me back like 5 minutes.

Where do I register

It only tells to sign in but I haven register yet and won’t let me do it this is trash


Can’t even sign in because when I try to, the app doesn’t allow me to choose my provider. It automatically routes me to the Spectrum login page... I don’t have spectrum. Fix please

App in need of updates

I like HBO Go but the app could be more user friendly. Sure you can add to your watch list but no history tracking. So I have to remember what episode I was on. Also anyone can see the “Late Night “ feature...anyone ?. When the app looks like the set up like how Hulu or Netflix have it I will change my rating.

Sign in loop... ? Sign in loop...

Broken again - When users try to select a provider the app will try to log you in with your home network (AT&T in my case). However, if you don’t use the automatic login good luck getting the app to work (I need to log in via DIRECTTV NOW) because you’ll be stuck in a loop and unable to access the “choose a provider “ option. I’ve tried every possible way around this and haven’t had any success except for when I delete the app and go through the whole login process again. Seriously, how is this issue not solved?!? Let us stay logged in if we get lucky enough to access the sign in page. Its a battle more intense than anything on Game of Thrones trying to watch anything on this poor excuse for an entertainment app.


So on Apple TV this app works just fine. However the mobile app has a few things that needs worked on lol. First of all, when I try to add things to my watch list it only does one episode at a time which is annoying and ridiculous because I want to watch more than just that episode! Second, when watching a tv show it doesnt auto play to the next episode which again is annoying and ridiculous! I love the shows they provide I enjoy their selection of movies but I dont like the way this app is constructed.

Features request

HBO GO needs Multi-User Profiles And Offline Viewing.


app is not working when I go to sign in. I have uninstalled the app and reinstall serval times , still nothing . Please fix the issue .

Won’t even open

It has never worked. App doesn’t even open. I just get a black screen.

Doesn’t work

Every time I try to use it I get a black screen and cannot access anything. Would like to give it zero stars but that isn’t an option


The app has issues allowing for problems when signing in. Glad the app is free to download because it only worked once for me.

Works great

I really like this app now that its been updated to support the iPhone X. The only thing missing now is, the ability to download movies for off-line viewing.

Would give zero stars if I could.

HBO Go is a no go. I have HBO through my tv provider yet I get an error message EVERY time I try to sign in. I know my username and password are correct, I am able to login to my tv provider account with no problem. It doesn’t matter which device I try to log in from, iPad, PS4, Xbox, Roku, error message ELI-9000 every time. I have even deleted the app and downloaded again. Useless. I don’t know how this app even achieved its current 2.1 stars.

Horrible app

It won’t let me sign-in. I put in the proper username/password and then all I get is a blank gray screen. Please fix your app HBO so that way people can continue to use the services they pay for.

Problems getting past a black screen during a road trip

Gives me a black screen on loading. I have an iPhone X. It’s not working with it. Update: OK it finally loaded so I can look up film I wanted to look for. Naturally HBO doesn’t have it. But at least I was able to finally get to the program after the black screen was interfering.

GREAT APP, highly underrated!!

I’ve had HBO Go for a while and I see this app is rated as 2.1?!?! In regards to the app, it’s great and aside from the rare dropped signal, HBO GO is as good as it gets for its kind! Please rate honestly!!

HBO GO is great and has potential to be an amazing app.

I noticed a ton of 1 star reviews, which may be from earlier stages of this app, but as of right now the app works pretty well for my viewing needs. I’ve watched all of GOT and True Detective just by using this app and they worked very good. There are a few minor things but nothin to make me rage or delete the app. However, one really annoying thing is being logged out of my account from time to time, it’s a little frustrating because sometimes it will say the info is wrong when it’s not. Besides that I think this app deserve at least 4 stars. I love it.

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