HBO GO App Reviews

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Even though my Wi-Fi isnt the best

Other streaming apps work fine except for these one. I get a screen with lines on it and it messes with my chromecast. I will unsubscribe from hbo because I rarely watch anything on their channels only use the HBO go app which only works sometimes.

Netflix + Hulu > HBO

You know what will kill HBO? Its not the content or price point. Its asking me to authenticate every few days. I wont use it because Im lazy and if I dont use it, I wont pay for it. Doesnt matter if it has the best programming in the world. It will be out of sight, out of mind, and out of business.

Buggy on Google Casting

Constantly freezes up when trying to watch on TV


I just downloaded this app and it is broken. If you use the search function is breaks the app and leaves you on a black screen. Hopefully and update will fix this.

Crashes often

Crashes while watching shows via chrome cast. Doesnt record where it was in the episode before it crashes.

Broken player

Dont even try to skip forward or back or the player will freeze and wont play at all. I had to restart my phone to fix it this POS app.

Cant log in

Ever since the last update I cant login even though I changed my password several times.


Please put back the movie ENTOURAGE! I have 20 friends who are complaining about you guys removing it!!! Please PUT BACK ENTOURAGE THE MOVIE!


This app does not work very well. As it doesnt have continuous play. As well as it will quit out multiple times while trying to access shows while connected via chrome cast. I love HBO entertainment. However, this app stinks..

A Show Idea Gift Just For You

You should do a show about a premium cable channel that spends millions and millions of dollars producing the highest quality, award-winning entertainment but either through stupidity or ineptitude broadcasts the signal sideways and repeatedly cuts the power to any house attempting to watch. If you want a good app for reference just check out the previous HBO Go app you replaced.

Needs work

No continuous play when watching a series. Does not pair well with chromecast. Disconnects during shows. Please fix these issues!


Freezes all the time. Crap stream. Netflix and amazon are better.

Love HBO but this app is awful

Worst app on my iPad. I havent been able to open it for 4 days.

Always Crashing

I cant connect to Chromecast.

Crashes constantly

Good concept, horribly executed. Crashes every few minutes - how hard is it HBO?

No cable or satellite provider

Will give a rating once I can get on but since I dont have cable or satellite I cant watch HBO go

One of the worst iPad apps ever

This is the most frustrating app. Performance is terrible - why does each page take 5 or 6 seconds to load? No other streaming apps are this slow. Why arent there descriptions of the shows? The audio and video constantly get out of sync. Every time I open the app I have to sign in again. This app has the most terrible UX. Please fix it, you are ruining the experience of watching great shows!

Terrible on iPad

Updated app no longer browses in landscape, so you are forced to switch between portrait and landscape to browse then watch. Also, browser icons are huge and one across, making the list you have to scroll through ridiculous. No more grid. Seems designed for phones, not iPads. Dont upgrade unless you have to!

Slow streaming

Only works sometimes , other streaming apps are fine but not this one

No longer works with Dish

If you select Dish Network as a provider it no longer brings up the Dish Loggins page. Useless , cant use

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