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Latest update broke Xfinity login. Asks me to login to Xfinity site but then it never goes back to the app. Basically Im left browsing the Xfinity site.

Total crap

F these non working apps

Cant block shows

Not everyone wants to see john olivers politics.

Needs to be able to cast

Please why can this app not cast. All everything need to be is to be able to cast.


HBO impresses yet again. Having the portability of staying on top of quality programming rocks. Thanks HBO!

Your app is straight garbage

Youd think with all the money HBO has they could afford to hire a developer that could create an app that doesnt break something new with Every. Single. Update.

Great Content, Poor Streaming

HBOGO has excellent content. The tech that has been utilized for streaming within the app is garbage. You use the Netflix app, youll notice that youll be able to stream programs almost right away even if youre in a low-signal area. For this app, you need to basically have full signal in order for the steam to function. Very annoying.


Never could use it never worked

This app is an embarrassment.

In theory, HBO GO, would be a decent app, but there are a few glaring problems that destroy the experience. Firstly, there is no "cast" option, unless you have an Apple TV..., even though EVERY OTHER video app has cast built-in. Secondly, you have to resign in with your cable/satellite providers credentials EACH and every time you use the app, what a drag... Last but not least, why is there no good way to fast-forward/rewind? There are on screen buttons for this function, but they dont work. The entire affair is shameful.

Needs to be fixed still

Whats the point of having a checkbox for "stay signed in" if I still end up needing to sign in every time theres an app update? Such a nuisance. Plus if I leave the app and come back it loses sync.


This app is disappointing. I love the idea of being able to watch my favorite shows on the go. But they shouldnt have such high quality shows and movies if they dont have a platform to support it. It is constantly buffering. I am able to watch 30 seconds and then it buffers for almost a full minute no matter what I watch. I have this app downloaded on my phone and also my Xbox one and it does the same thing on both devices. I really hope that they fix it soon.


Do not install this version of the app if you travel or live outside the US, it use to work on the previous version not on this one, DO NOT INSTALL THIS NEW VERSIO!!!!!!!


I have only signed in on one device and it constantly wont let me watch any videos at all because I have "too many devices" and I need to log out of another non existent device!! Straight garbage app

Total Garbage

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UPGRADE- ITS HORRIBLE. It seems like it was designed for a phone and NOT A TABLET. Wont rotate to landscape to browse, images/icons are ridiculously huge so its a ridiculous amount of scrolling. PLEASE BRING BACK PREVIOUS INTERFACE. Did you even test this on a regular size tablet?!?!?!? Seems like a huge mistake. WARNING: do NOT UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION. ITS HORRIBLE.

Needs work

If you watch a series you have to remember where you left off, unlike Netflix where you go to where you left off. Lets say youre watching "The Wire", there are 5 seasons. You are in season 3 episode 6. The next day you go on, you have to search for the show (which is slow) hit the show button and you are taken to the first season. Did you remember where you left off? I hope you did because this app does not help you with that.

Should be good

This is one of the worst interfaces I have ever used. If I did not enjoy the shows as I do I would avoid this app at all cost. Im truly amazed how bad this app is to use the employees must never use it personally.

Im not even going to leave a review CAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID

Netflix functions better

Youre app keeps crashing. It wont remember what your casting using Google chromecast. Tried watching NeverEnding Story and it distorted it the whole. Would work on my iPad. Your on demand wont even load. Why am I paying for this?

More like: HBO Stop

I have powerful Wi-Fi, and everything runs smoothly except this POS. Have not been able to watch one second of anything. Wi-Fi is at full strength, yet it keeps seeking with zero results. This app is the equivalent of turning off your iPad and watching whats on the screen, which would be nothing.

720p stream quality in 2016?

Needs 1080p stream quality.

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